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Maintaining Your Privacy

The Original Tax Center places privacy first in all of our tax services offered in Washington, DC. Take some time to browse our privacy policy below, and learn more about how the personal records and files that come into our possession are safeguarded.

Our Privacy Policy

As you know, we gather certain tax-related personal information about you in order to prepare your tax returns. This information can either be provided by you or obtained by our office with your permission. Among the sources from which we collect personal information are:

Personal Interviews with You and/or Your Spouse | Written, Facsimile, and/or E-Mail Communications with You | Financial Data from Brokers and Bankers as Authorized by You | Tax Returns or Client Organizers from Prior Tax Years

The Original Tax Center does not disclose any personal, non-public information about you to any third party without your express permission, unless permitted by law. Access to your tax file and personal data is scrupulously restricted to the employees of our firm who have a need to access your data. Our staff is required to abide by this privacy policy to safeguard your information.

We have established and will continue to maintain strict physical, electronic, and procedural protections of your personal information as stated. As required by federal law, each year we will update you on how we continue to safeguard your personal financial information through our privacy policy.