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The Original Tax Center in Washington, DC, holds high standards when it comes to business organization. We're happy to take care of completing tax preparation, plan for your upcoming year, or anything else you may need. Our accuracy is guaranteed--we will reimburse you for any penalties or interest charged due to an error on our part.

Small Business Venture Organization & Planning

Our consultants help you to organize your business enterprise and to choose and set up the appropriate business entity for your needs. There are stark differences between sole proprietorship, partnerships, C corporations, S corporations, and LLCs that you need to know about.

With our help, you can easily set up your business and get started with all the necessary tools for accounting, bookkeeping, employee payroll, business licensing, and tax reporting. Then, we stand by you and your business, helping you with any issues or growing pains that might arise along the way.

Itemized Receipt

Household Employer Payroll Reporting

We also provide specialized services to household employers, self-employed home workers, and other small business owners. You'll enjoy great rates on payroll assistance, preparation of W-2, W-3, and 1099 forms, and even quarterly tax reporting for you and your employees.